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Your business provides for you, your family, and others. Protect it!

Have you ever been hit by a workers comp claim? Have you or your business ever been sued? The next question should be, “Did you have insurance policies in force to protect your business against loss, fees and expenses?” Bernier insurance is here to help you confidently answer “yes” to potentially difficult questions like these.

Getting the ideal combination of business insurance policies is all about knowing the major carriers in every region and exactly what their strengths and weaknesses are. While one carrier may be positioned exceptionally well in a certain category, they could be weak and non-competitive in another. Bernier Insurance takes the time to research, study and develop relationships with many and diverse insurance carrier-partners.

At The Right Price.

Competitive Priced Auto Insurance For NH, MA, ME

We have established strong relationships and collaborative commercial ties with national and global carriers with the financial strength and resources to insure virtually any business endeavor.

We have protected business owners across the US, with the right commercial insurance to fit their budgets, for over 35 years.

Think of Bernier Insurance for competitive rates and affordable payment plans. You can choose a payment schedule that works with your annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly budget.

Service Starts With Your Agent!

Ask Yourself A Few Questions
  • Are you starting a new business?
  • Do you already own a business, but aren’t sure you have the right coverage?
  • Are you unhappy with your current agent’s service, coverage or price?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then our highly trained and experienced commercial agents can help you. You’ll work with a licensed agent who’ll sit down with you face to face to design insurance plans that are customized for the unique nature of your business.


Contact us to discuss your business insurance coverage needs and find out how you can choose from our vast array of policies and protect your business. Speak with a knowledgeable agent at (603) 335-2345.

Business Insurance Policies We Offer

Our commercial insurance agents have several decades of experience insuring business owners just like you, and they understand what business owners face every day. We routinely provide policies that cover:


  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Contractors & Tradesmen
  • Retail establishments
  • Services, Manufacturers, Hospitality
  • Corporations, LLC, Sole Proprietor
  • Property
  • Business Auto Coverage
  • General Liability 
  • Professional Liability
  • Umbrella
  • Surety and Fidelity Bonds
  • Rare and Unique Assets

Business Insurance & More

Business Insurance

It’s your livelihood and your future. Protect it.

Workers Comp Insurance

Your people keep your business running.

Business Life Insurance

Will the unexpected happen to your key people?


Our Friendly Team Awaits.