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Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance Agency NH, MA, & ME

Prepare Your Company for Anything

Workers’ Compensation, professional liability, general liability, errors and omissions… These are just some of the exposures that most businesses face every day. Is your company prepared and protected?

Financial disaster comes in many forms and can hit any organization. Choosing the right insurance to protect your business lets you rest easier knowing you’ll be okay financially should your company suffer a disaster or major loss.

Bernier Insurance has a passion for protecting you, your family, and your business from catastrophic or significant loss. Our experienced, knowledgeable agents have protected business owners across the US with insurance protection for more than 35 years.

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We Are Experts In:

Business Insurance

It’s your livelihood and your future. Protect it.

Workers Comp Insurance

Your people keep your business running.

Business Life Insurance

Will the unexpected happen to your key people?


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